July 6, 2022

Landscape Design Ideas for Small Backyards in Vancouver

pool landscape ideas for Vancouver

Some people may look at a small backyard and fail to see all the potential that exists within such a seemingly confined space. While it can be difficult to envision all the potential you happen to have in your small backyard, the landscaping experts at GRN Pool and Landscape can help make it a reality. All you need is a few good ideas to start with, and before you know it, your little backyard can transform into an amazingly designed getaway that is just steps from your back door.

Think Vertical

Making the most of a small space, whether it happens to be a front yard, backyard, or any spot in between can seem a little difficult at first. One thing you can do to help your creativity get off the ground is to start thinking outside of traditional limitations for things like gardens and green spaces. One great way to make the most of a small back yard landscape is by thinking vertically. You can make use of hanging baskets and lattice frames to start planting along a fence or wall rather than on the ground. Herb gardens in particular are well suited to this type of planting, so not only will you have made your yard greener and nicer, you’ll have the added bonus of growing your own fresh herbs for the summer.

Multi-Purpose Items

You can consolidate a lot of clutter in your small back yard by introducing some cleverly designed custom furniture that features storage space. Things like chair cushions, garden tools and even toys for the kids can be safely tucked away into a storage bench. You can also consider making a storage space for additional furniture when you are in need of extra seating.

Fold Out Bar

While you’re consolidating your furniture and storage, you can start thinking about other retractable features for your backyard landscape. One excellent feature that the team at GRN will be happy to help you design and implement is a fold out bar. Similar to the way a Murphy Bed folds out of the wall, your fold out bar can be opened and closed with ease to make entertaining fun and creative! Add some additional stools which can be stored with other additional furniture and you’ll have the perfect back yard bar for your small space in no time!

When it comes to creative back yard and landscape design, the team at GRN Pool and Landscape can transform any space in to the ideal oasis for you to enjoy. To get started on upgrading your small back yard, be sure to contact us today!