July 6, 2022

5 Possible Solutions to Your Drainage Problems In Vancouver

drainage issue in Vancouver

Wet weather is a part of life in Vancouver and surrounding cities. It’s the pay-off for living on the beautiful west coast. And while there are plenty of benefits that come with the climate here, without proper drainage solutions, home and building owners can face major and costly problems.

The thing with drainage problems is that they are not always obvious right away — they can be happening underground and out of sight. But there are a few tell-tale signs that there is something is up that needs your attention. Things like:

  • A soggy lawn or standing puddles that don’t disappear a few hours after the rain
  • Cracks in concrete (either the building’s foundation or the sidewalk or path near the building)
  • Water stains in the basement walls

But like we always say, where there’s a drainage problem, we’ve got a solution (and we’re experts in them all!)

Here are some possible solutions from this drainage contractors in Vancouver to your drainage problem in Greater Vancouver Area.

French Drains

Used to control the direction and flow of water, French drains are installed underground, often under a system of rocks which help slow the water. The system usually surrounds a building and consists of a perforated pipe that the water can drip into so that it is diverted away from the structure. This is a very popular system, especially for buildings with basements.

Trench Drains

For areas that are heavily paved like a industrial building, parking lot, or driveway, these concrete-lined trenches create a channel that directs water during a downpour. Grates are often put on top so that debris is diverted and to prevent clogging, making them easy to maintain.


Changing the landscape to slope away from the house is a great drainage solution. In fact, many of the problems with drainage start from with problems with the grading problems. This can happen because of poor design and/or because of the way land changes over time.

Dry Creeks

It’s nice when a design feature is both stylish and functional. Dry creeks are basically a shallow trough of stones and rocks that are dry in dry weather but that can handle an influx of water and re-directit during a shower.

Wells and Reservoirs

Dry wells or reservoirs are receptacles that are strategically placed, either underground or at the end of a eavestrough, that will hold water that will otherwise pool up becauseit has nowhere to go. This can be a great and affordable option as the water can be saved and re-used to water the garden, reducing expenses and resource consumption.

Sothere you have it! There are plenty of drainage solutions out there, it is just a matter of matching the right solution to the problem, before it gets away on you. Because what might be a small problem today could turn into a catastrophe like a flooded basement a year from now.

With Vancouver’s high rainfalls, it’s important to pay attention to the drainage system around your home.