July 6, 2022

Changing Old Water Pipes in Vancouver: Need to Know

Like any other system you have in your property, at one time your piping system may require to be changed. This may be as a result of them becoming inefficient or during your property renovation. When your plumbing water pipes get old, there is a high need to have them changed and install more efficient ones. Re-piping is the process of doing replacement of the old pipes throughout your property. It is a complex process that requires to be done by a professional Vancouver plumber. By changing the pipes, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that no water damage can occur in your home.  Besides, re-piping helps enhance water pressure in your property, save on your water bills and improve hot water delivery.  There are some signs to look for to know that your pipes are old and require to be changed. Here are some of these signs.

Low water pressure

If you start experiencing low water pressure in your property, this is a sign that your piping system has issue. Mostly when they get old, the rate of water flow also drops leading to the reduced pressure. With time the water pipes especially the old ones corrode from the inside and rust or mineral build up hinder effective flow of water. The fact that the entry pressure of the water does not change, the pressure can lead to rupturing of the pipes. Your plumber Vancouver BC can help deal with this problem amicably.

Pinhole and slab leaks

It is worth noting that old pipes under the foundation can also cause havoc on your home. These pipes can develop leaks that can lead to water damage. Many houses usually sit on a foundation made of a concrete slab. The slab helps in stabilizing your house and ensures that it does not sink. Below the slab, there are the plumbing pipes and sewer lines. When the plumbing pipes get old, they are at a high risk of developing leaks. This is what is known as a slab leak. Some of the signs that show there is a slab leak in your house include dampness on the floor, wet carpets or lifting tiles. These signs show there is water emanating from your house foundation.

Warm areas on your floor

If you notice some warm areas on your floor despite having cool tiles just nearby, this is an indication that your hot plumbing water pipes are leaking. Old hot water pipes under your floor can cause leaks that lead to development of some hot spots in certain area. Your Vancouver plumber has the knowledge on how to detect the issues and change the affected hot water pipes accordingly.

Constant flow of hot water

When you notice constant flow of hot water in your home, this is a sign there are leaks coming from your pipes. It is unusual for your water heater to run constantly. A constant flow shows that hot water is leaving the system continuously as a result of a rupture in the pipes. This problem may be caused by old pipes that are no longer functional, so you need to install new and more efficient ones.

Sound of trickling or running water

If you hear sounds of trickling or running water, this is a warning sign that your old pipes are leaking. The sounds will mostly occur if there is a leak under the foundation below the floor.  In this case, you need to seek help from your plumber Vancouver BC to assess and identify the exact pipes causing the leak in order to make the right changes.

Copper pipes corrosion

Water supply in Vancouver has acidic properties that make copper pipes to corrode overtime. As the corrosion continues, the inside part of the pipes dissolve making the pipes to wear out. Once this happens, pinhole leaks start to occur and may spread throughout your entire piping system. Your plumber can detect the pipes with corrosion and change with new ones that are not affected by the acidic water. In case the problem is not solved, total system failure may result.

Old home

If your home is old and has lead plumbing water pipes, there is a need for them to be changed. Lead pipes are a major health hazard when used at home so they need to be changed.

The above are signs that show you need to change your old pipes. Despite that the process may cause some inconveniences it is worth the time and cost involved. Your plumber Vancouver BC will help do the re-piping in the most convenient way and ensure that the newly installed plumbing water pipes are fully functional.