August 19, 2022

10 Tips for Making Your Flyers Stand Out: The Guide to Choosing the Best Large Format Printing Service

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You know the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, that couldn’t be more true when it comes to flyers. A flyer can be used for everything from promoting your business to giving out coupons or even just providing information about your services. The best way to make your flyers stand out is by using large format printing Vancouver has available – and with the tips below, you’ll have no problem finding the right one!

9 ways to make your flyers stand out

  1. Use bright and bold colors that will catch people’s attention.
  2. Make sure your text is easy to read – using a large font size will help with this.
  3. Keep your flyers simple and concise, with only the most important information included.
  4. If you’re using images or graphics, make sure they tie into your message or brand.
  5. Using a QR code will make it easier for customers to get more information about your business and its products/services directly from their phones!
  6. Make sure you’re giving out coupons or discounts – this is another great way to attract new customers.  :
  7. Try not to include too many fonts or font styles, as this can make your flyer look unprofessional.
  8. Make sure the paper you choose is high quality and will hold up to being passed around or handed out in windy conditions.
  9. A one-sided design is often best – it saves money and still looks great!
large format printing
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 How to save money using large format printing

When it comes to large format printing Vancouver has available, you have a lot of options – and if your company is paying for the prints, that can get expensive fast. However, there are ways around this! Here are some tips on how to save money using large format printing:  :

  1. Make sure your design is simple and clean – using too many fonts and colors can make your flyer more expensive.
  2. If you’re working with a tight budget, choose one-sided printing instead of two-sided or double-sided printing
  3. Be as specific as possible about how the prints will be used – this will help save money on ink and paper costs.
  4. Try to use standard sizes for your flyers, as this will help keep printing costs down.
  5. Compare prices between different large format printing services before making a decision – there’s no need to overspend on quality prints!
  6.  Consider using recycled paper or even hemp-based paper for your flyers – this is a more environmentally-friendly option that can also save you money.

The 6 biggest myths about Print

  1. Printing is expensive and outdated – WRONG! In fact, printing is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business or product.
  2. You need a design degree to create effective print designs – NOPE! You just need your own creativity, or the help of a professional graphic designer.
  3. Only large corporations can afford quality print products – FALSE! Any business can find an affordable printing service to meet their needs and budget requirements.
  4. Printers only offer expensive options for marketing materials – WRONG AGAIN! Printers offer a wide range of products, including affordable options for small businesses and startups.
  5. Print is no longer effective in a digital world – HA! As a matter of fact, print media is more effective than ever before thanks to the increase of online and mobile advertising.
  6. You can’t personalize print products – WRONG! In fact, personalization is one of the biggest advantages of print products – you can include as much or as little information as you want.

 What your business needs to think about before choosing large format printing

Before deciding on a large format printing service, there are some things your business should take into account :

  1. What is the purpose of the prints? Are they for an event, a sale, or general marketing?
  2. What type of paper will be used? Recycled, hemp-based, standard?
  3. How many prints do you need?
  4. What size do the prints need to be?
  5. Will the prints be used inside or outside?
  6. What is the budget for printing?
  7. How quickly do you require the prints?
  8. Who will be designing the print? Do you have a design in mind, or do you require help creating one?
  9. 09. What other marketing materials does your business use? Flyers, websites, social media? How does large format printing fit into your overall marketing strategy?